December 1, 2023

North American Allowance Results January 7

SA, 8TH, AOC, $71,819, 4YO/UP, F/M, 6 1/2F, 1-7.
4— SKYE DIAMONDS, f, 4, First Dude–Exonerated, by Johannesburg. O-Acker, Tom, Allen Racing LLC and Bloom Racing Stables LLC, B-Dizney Double Diamond LLC (CA), T-William Spawr, J-Tiago Josue Pereira, $43,680.
2— Plane Lucky, f, 4, Lucky Pulpit–Jetinwith Kennedy, by Kennedy Road. ($37,000 ’14 BESOCT). O-Blinkers On Racing Stable, Busche, Byrd, Georgetti, Jackson, Mashayekh, et al, B-David McGlothlin (CA), $14,560.
9— Calm the Sea, m, 5, Stormy Atlantic–Miraculous Miss, by Mr. Greeley. ($125,000 ’12 KEENOV). O-Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC, B-Hill ‘N’ Dale Equine Holdings, Inc & Edward McGhee (KY), $6,720.
Winning Time: 1:15 4/5 (sy)
SA, 7TH, AOC, $69,393, 4YO/UP, 1M, 1-6.
2— SILENT BIRD, h, 5, Summer Bird–Rutledge Ballado, by Saint Ballado. ($40,000 ’13 FTKOCT). O-Norman Stables, LLC, B-JMI (KY), T-Mark Glatt, J-Flavien Prat, $37,800.
3— El Huerfano, g, 5, Tannersmyman–Adriftinthebay, by Capsized. O-Wachtel Stable and Barber, Gary, B-M A Douzos (CA), $16,380.
1— Avanti Bello, h, 5, Include–Masterful Lass, by Mizzen Mast. O-Keh, S, Richardson, J, Suarez, P, Roberts, T and Wonderland Racing Stables, B-Lou Neve (CA), $9,828.
Winning Time: 1:36 2/5 (my)
LRL, 7TH, AOC, $49,182, 3YO, F, 6F, 1-7.
7— CRABCAKES, f, 3, Great Notion–Aunt Elaine, by Charismatic. O-Buckingham Farm, B-Buckingham Farm (MD), T-T. Bernard Houghton, J-Angel R. Rodriguez, $31,122.
4— I Am I Will, f, 3, Field Commission–Mystery Prize, by Pure Prize. ($12,000 ’15 OBSAUG). O-Jeanne Mayberry, B-Edward Seltzer, Beverly Anderson & T Yarbrough (FL), $8,820.
5— Clairvoyant Lady, f, 3, Astrology–Chantilly Lady, by Shore Breeze. ($28,000 ’14 KEENOV; $35,000 2016 OBSAPR). O-Lynch Racing LLC, B-Shane & Kim Doyle (KY), $4,620.
Winning Time: 1:14 3/5 (ft)
FG, 7TH, AOC, $45,000, 4YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 1-7.
3— PERSUADE ME LADY, m, 5, Lydgate–Holy Love, by Holy Bull. ($9,700 ’13 ESLSEP). O-Darlene Peterson, B-J Adcock (LA), T-W. Bret Calhoun, J-Brian Joseph Hernandez, Jr., $27,000.
6— Totally Kim, m, 5, Eugene’s Third Son–Totally Crafty, by Crafty Prospector. O-Steve Ingram, B-Steve Ingram (LA), $9,000.
2— Chinawood, f, 4, Custom for Carlos–Queen of War, by War Front. O-Duvieilh, John and Hernandez, Keith J and Earl J, B-Alston Thoroughbreds LLC (LA), $4,950.
Winning Time: 1:11 4/5 (ft)
FG, 8TH, AOC, $42,000, 4YO/UP, 1 1/16M, 1-7.
2— BLAME ANGEL, h, 5, Blame–For Spacious Skies, by Golden Missile. O-Timothy R McCarthy, B-Claiborne Farm (KY), T-Bobby C. Barnett, J-Miguel Mena, $25,200.
1— Always a Catch, g, 5, Flatter–Ms. Lydonia, by Labeeb (GB). O-Ismael Thoroughbreds, LLC, B-Carson Springs Farm (IL), $8,400.
7— Zander Zone, g, 6, Flatter–Grove City, by Pleasant Tap. ($97,000 ’12 KEEJAN; $60,000 ’12 KEESEP). O-Joseph Strazzanti, B-John OMeara (KY), $4,620.
Winning Time: 1:46 3/5 (ft)
GP, 7TH, AOC, $41,000, 4YO/UP, 7F, 1-7.
6— TALE OF S’AVALL, c, 4, Tale of Ekati–S’ Avall, by Awesome Again. O-Charles E Fipke, B-Charles Fipke (KY), T-Barclay Tagg, J-Luis Saez, $24,600.
3— Scarly Charly, g, 8, Friends Lake–Extra Rare, by Rare Brick. O-Patricia’s Hope LLC, B-Budget Stable (KY), $8,200.
7— Something Awesome, g, 6, Awesome Again–Somethinaboutlaura, by Dance Floor. O-Stronach Stables, B-Adena Springs (ON), $4,100.
Winning Time: 1:23 1/5 (ft)
FG, 6TH, AOC, $40,800, 3YO, F, 1M, 1-7.
3— WHAT WHAT WHAT, f, 3, Archarcharch–Stormy Blast, by Kayrawan. ($10,000 ’15 LTBSEP). O-Sentel, Ken and Scherer, Merrill R, B-Gregory William Roberts & Stelly Stables, LLC (KY), T-Merrill R. Scherer, J-David Romero Flores, $24,000.
6— Dontmesswithjoanne, f, 3, Pioneerof the Nile–Cinnamon Kisses, by Doneraile Court. ($87,000 ’15 OBSJAN). O-Zayat Stables, LLC, B-Gulf Haven Farms (LA), $8,800.
4— San Antonio Stroll, f, 3, Stroll–Twenty Three Red, by The Prime Minister. O-Love, Michele and Cliff, B-Cliff Love (TX), $4,400.
Winning Time: 1:39 3/5 (ft)
DED, 5TH, ALW, $40,000, 4YO/UP, 1M, 1-6.
6— WHO DATAWAKI, g, 5, Tenpins–Catawaki, by Sir Cat. O-Elite Thoroughbred Racing LLC, B-Michele Rodriguez (LA), T-Lee Thomas, J-Emanuel Nieves, $24,000.
3— Flit N Time, g, 4, Time Bandit–Miss Flit N Flot, by Leestown. O-Bonnie Wall, B-Margie K Averett (LA), $8,000.
4— Callitwhatyawant, g, 5, Don’t Get Mad–Shecanshop, by Thunder Gulch. O-Allen Landry, B-Charles Joseph Guilbeau, Ryan & Karl Matthew Sellers (LA), $4,400.
Winning Time: 1:41 (my)
DED, 6TH, ALW, $40,000, 4YO/UP, F/M, 1M, 1-7.
9— PERA, f, 4, Drosselmeyer–Changing Seasons, by Katowice. O-HP Thoroughbreds LLC (Brandon Hillman), B-James McIngvale (LA), T-Samuel Breaux, J-Gerard Melancon, $24,000.
2— Pitcher, m, 5, Lion Tamer–Salespitch, by Arch. O-Henry Ray Dunn, B-Mary E Stovall & Bruce Clelland (LA), $8,000.
3— Ms Dixie Girl, m, 6, Even the Score–Sweetheartofdixie, by Mr. Greeley. O-Rogers, Daniel and Rogers, David, B-David R & Daniel T Rogers (LA), $4,400.
Winning Time: 1:41 1/5 (ft)
DED, 7TH, AOC, $37,780, 4YO/UP, F/M, 7 1/2F, 1-6.
7— BELIEVEINSOMETHING, m, 5, Etbauer–Ls Believeinmagic, by Believe It. O-Brian Schweda, B-Margie K Averett (LA), T-Brian Schweda, J-Roberto Morales, $25,200.
6— Lunar Gaze, m, 5, Malibu Moon–Saarlight, by Saarland. ($250,000 ’13 FTSAUG). O-Late Night Stables LLC, B-Marc Keller (KY), $6,800.
4— Brooke’s a Bookin, f, 4, Jonesboro–Orange Street, by Storm Boot. O-Jess D George, B-Jess George (AR), $3,740.
Winning Time: 1:33 3/5 (my)
GG, 8TH, ALW, $35,775, 4YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 1-7.
3— CLAUDIA MAE, f, 4, Belong to Me–Held Fast, by Comic Strip. O-Beth M Rivera, B-Beth Rivera (CA), T-Tirso Rivera, J-Pedro M. Terrero, $21,060.
1— Meet Miss Kitty, m, 6, Jet West–Meet Me in Fargo, by Fargo. O-Barbara DeLima, B-Clifford & Barbara M DeLima (CA), $7,020.
8— Breakaway Dixie, f, 4, Marino Marini–Grey Lassie, by Siberian Summer. O-Conley, Paul and Randazzo, Anthony, B-Randy Randazzo & Paul Conley (CA), $4,212.
Winning Time: 1:10 1/5 (ft)
PEN, 5TH, AOC, $34,048, 4YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 1-7.
4— SHAUNNA ALEXANDRA, m, 8, Go for Gin–Carolina Girl, by Lion Hearted. O-Patricia Farro, B-Martin Carmichael (PA), T-Patricia Farro, J-Emmanuel Esquivel, $21,888.
5— Evening Prize, f, 4, Pure Prize–Evening Primrose, by Dayjur. ($11,000 ’13 KEENOV). O-Robert L Losey, B-Keene Ridge Racing, LLC (KY), $6,080.
7— Celebrity Star, m, 7, Dehere–Texas Romance, by Carson City. O-Gumpster Stable LLC, B-Christina Latimer (KY), $3,344.
Winning Time: 1:11 (ft)
PEN, 3RD, ALW, $33,300, 4YO/UP, 1M 70Y, 1-7.
7— I AM SO JEALOUS, g, 4, Andiron–Jealous Queen, by Trippi. O-Silver Trail Stables LLC, B-Xanthus Farms, Inc & Silver Trail Stable, Inc (PA), T-Keith Nations, J-Jorge A. Vargas, Jr., $19,980.
2— Lay Down the Law, g, 4, Not for Love–Amber Comet, by Amerrico’s Bullet. O-The Elkstone Group LLC, B-The Elkstone Group LLC (PA), $6,660.
5— Little Fat Albert, g, 4, Albert the Great–Remiss, by Summer Squall. O-Miguel A Orantes-Herrera, B-Jim Nolan (PA), $3,663.
Winning Time: 1:45 (ft)
DED, 4TH, AOC, $30,000, 3YO, 6 1/2F, 1-7.
4— HUNTER’S HUMOR, g, 3, Maclean’s Music–Forever Brilliant, by Straight Man. ($10,000 ’15 HERDEC). O-Keene Thoroughbreds LLC, B-Eureka Thoroughbred Farm (OK), T-J. R. Caldwell, J-Dusty Ryder Shepherd, $18,000.
7— Spring for Gold, g, 3, Spring At Last–Radiating, by Seeking the Gold. ($5,000 ’15 KEESEP). O-Evans, Johnny B and Eoff, Terry, B-Patchen Wilkes Farm, LLC (KY), $6,000.
6— At Your Word, c, 3, Old Fashioned–Ile St Jaycee, by Ile St. Louis (CHI). O-Audacity Racing Stable LLC, B-Jay Goodwin & Brian Foret (KY), $3,300.
Winning Time: 1:21 (ft)
PEN, 6TH, ALW, $29,500, 4YO/UP, 1M 70Y, 1-6.
5— FOILEEN, h, 6, Chapel Royal–Eva Maria, by Awesome Again. O-Roger A Nickol, B-Mayo West Farm & Liam Benson (FL), T-Erin C. McClellan, J-Tyler Conner, $17,700.
6— Rick’s Boy, g, 5, Flashstorm–Repentina, by Repent. ($4,500 2014 OBSJUN). O-Joseph E Besecker, B-Northwest Stud (FL), $5,900.
2— Lava, g, 5, Rock Hard Ten–Never Gone, by Gone West. ($40,000 ’13 KEESEP). O-Olympic Stable and Chamatsos, John, B-Wind Hill Farm (KY), $3,245.
Winning Time: 1:44 3/5 (ft)
SUN, 5TH, ALW, $28,625, 4YO/UP, 6F, 1-7.
6— CHASINTHEACES, g, 7, Indian Charlie–Indigene, by Deputy Minister. ($300,000 ’11 KEESEP). O-Rachel Marzak, B-Hill ‘N’ Dale Equine Holdings, Inc & NETP (KY), T-Justin R. Evans, J-Ry Eikleberry, $16,740.
5— Sky Defence, g, 4, First Defence–Skyladysky, by Sky Classic. O-Richard Lueck, B-Richard Lueck (KY), $6,138.
1— Proud Zoning, c, 4, Proud Tower Too–Street Zoning, by Street Cry (IRE). O-Tricar Stables, Inc, B-Tricar Stables Inc (NM), $3,515.
Winning Time: 1:10 1/5 (ft)
TUP, 7TH, ALW, $22,000, 4YO/UP, 5F, 1-7.
8— SHREWD MOVE, g, 5, Closing Argument–Brief Mark, by Benchmark. ($50,000 ’13 ARZOCT). O-Yeaman’s Racing Stables LLC, B-Peggy Hopwood and Yeamans Racing Stable LLC (KY), T-Dan L. McFarlane, J-Jake Barton, $13,231.
3— Rockin Home, g, 6, Rocky Bar–Jungle Girl, by Forest Camp. O-Tamara Metzen, B-Triple AAA Ranch (AZ), $4,268.
5— Mysterious Storm, g, 6, Storm Wolf–Mysterious Maria, by Cryptoclearance. ($4,500 2013 BESJAN). O-Janet E Johnson, B-Old English Rancho, Berumen & Liberty Road Stables, LLC (CA), $2,134.
Winning Time: :57 2/5 (ft)