July 4, 2022

Spot Plays August 6

BRIS Spot Plays

For Sunday

Arlington Park (2nd) Reminisce, 6-1
(6th) Memory Bank, 9-2
Belterra Park (1st) The Pink Wildcat, 7-2
(7th) La Nina Bronca, 5-1
Canterbury Park (4th) Divine Mandate, 7-2
(8th) Happy Up, 3-1
Del Mar (1st) Old Man Lake, 4-1
(5th) Schulace, 9-2
Ellis Park (3rd) Gill’s Terrace, 3-1
(5th) Seems a Fortune, 4-1
Emerald Downs (5th) Snowball’s Chance, 3-1
(7th) Image of Truth, 7-2
Gulfstream Park (5th) Vigas, 3-1
(9th) Reagan’s Odyssey, 5-1
Laurel Park (2nd) Impressive Way, 7-2
(5th) Via Frattina, 5-1
Monmouth Park (1st) Merril’s Bank, 5-1
(5th) Crowd Funding, 3-1
Mountaineer (2nd) Admiral Grace, 5-1
(5th) Sniffer, 7-2
Prairie Meadows (2nd) Honey Nugget, 5-1
(5th) Erratic Behavior, 3-1
Presque Isle Downs (3rd) Bekki’s Dance, 3-1
(5th) Puppy Manners, 4-1
Santa Rosa (5th) Lovely Spy, 7-2
(7th) Sizzlin’ Joe, 4-1
Saratoga (1st) Lucky Lotto, 9-2
(9th) Luz Mimi, 6-1
Suffolk Downs (4th) Cape Cod Tide, 6-1
(6th) Grady, 5-1
Woodbine (5th) Adios Muchacho, 9-2
(7th) Butler’s Pick, 4-1