March 4, 2024

North American Allowance Results Oct. 14

KEE, 7TH, AOC, $71,379, 3YO, F, 6F, 10-14.
9— REGAL BEAUTY, f, 3, Malibu Moon–Book Review, by Giant’s Causeway. O-West, Gary and Mary, B-Gary & Mary West Stables, Inc (KY), T-W. Bret Calhoun, J-Brian Joseph Hernandez, Jr., $43,800.
2— Rising Seas, f, 3, First Defence–Sea Shadow, by Jump Start. O-Colebrook, John and Colebrook, Ben, B-Ben Colebrook & John T Colebrook (KY), $14,600.
8— Purrfectly Claire, f, 3, Munnings–Magical Belle, by Unbridled’s Song. ($250,000 ’18 KEESEP). O-Rigney Racing, LLC, B-Vegso Racing Stable (FL), $5,780.
Winning Time: 1:11 (ft)
KEE, 4TH, ALW, $70,706, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1 1/16M, 10-14.
3— ERES TU, f, 4, Malibu Moon–It’s True Love, by Yes It’s True. O-Seltzer, Edward A and Anderson, Beverly S, B-Edward A Seltzer & Beverly Anderson (KY), T-Arnaud Delacour, J-Ricardo Santana, Jr., $42,600.
4— Storm At Sea, f, 3, Medaglia d’Oro–Winner, by Horse Chestnut (SAF). ($255,000 2020 FTKHRA). O-Humphrey, Jr, G Watts and Klatsky, Brian, B-Chadds Ford Stable LLC (KY), $14,200.
6— Market Rumor, f, 3, Afleet Alex–Taylor Street, by Street Sense. O-Bloch, Randall L and Six Column Stables, LLC, et al, B-Randy Bloch, et al (KY), $7,100.
Winning Time: 1:45 (ft)
MTH, 7TH, AOC, $61,875, 3YO/UP, 1 1/16M, 10-14.
2— IRISH MEADOW, g, 5, Il Postino–Charlies Dream, by Deputy Warlock. O-MCA Racing Stable LLC, B-Raymond William Cornish (NJ), T-Claudio A. Gonzalez, J-Jomar Torres, $37,500.
5— Postino’s Vow, g, 6, Il Postino–Requested Vow, by Broken Vow. O-Silvino Ramirez, B-Law Legacy Stables LLC (NJ), $12,500.
1— Crafty Don, g, 3, Don Six–Crafty Coed, by Crafty Friend. O-Dodd, Lisbeth, Cocce, John, Donnelly, Peter and Hyde, Reginald, B-Colonial Farms (NJ), $6,250.
Winning Time: 1:45 3/5 (ft)
PRX, 9TH, AOC, $56,134, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6 1/2F, 10-14.
3— CINNABUNNY, f, 3, Golden Lad–English Mum, by Congrats. O-Shooting Star Stable (Anspach), B-Shooting Star Stable (PA), T-Kathleen A. Demasi, J-Mychel J. Sanchez, $34,400.
2— Tara’s Talent, f, 4, Talent Search–Graemy, by Graeme Hall. O-Hardesty Stables, B-Glenn E Brok LLC (PA), $11,480.
5— Shemakesmehappy, m, 5, Majestic Warrior–Code Variance, by Awesome Again. O-S M D, Ltd, B-SMD, Ltd (PA), $6,314.
Winning Time: 1:15 4/5 (ft)
DEL, 4TH, ALW, $43,130, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M, 10-14.
5— PERSISTO, f, 3, Orb–Vivere, by War Front. ($25,000 2019 OBSAPR). O-Cavallino Racing LLC and Team USA Thoroughbreds, B-Claiborne Farm & Adele B Dilschneider (KY), T-Kelly J. Breen, J-Carol Cedeno, $25,200.
8— Lucky Find, f, 3, Uncle Mo–Tea Time, by Pulpit. ($50,000 ’18 KEESEP). O-Glen Hill Farm, B-Helen K Groves Revocable Trust & Double K, LLC (KY), $8,400.
10— Dance and Dance, f, 4, Verrazano–Rhythm and Rhyme, by Unbridled’s Song. ($23,000 2019 FTMWIN). O-Rising Sun Racing Stables, Inc, B-Rhythm And Rhyme Syndicate (KY), $4,620.
Winning Time: 1:38 4/5 (ft)
IND, 3RD, ALW, $36,500, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5 1/2F, 10-14.
8— AZURITA, f, 3, Dominus–Angel’s Royalty, by Mesopotamia. ($0 ’18 INDOCT). O-Crystal Racing Enterprises and Contreras Stable, Inc, B-Walter T Bates (IN), T-Cipriano Contreras, J-Emmanuel Esquivel, $21,900.
7— Bribe, f, 4, Goldencents–Hush U Dreamer, by Roar. O-Penny S Lauer, B-Michael E Lauer & Penny S Lauer (IN), $7,300.
5— Ginormous, m, 5, Giant Oak–Amature Night, by Marquetry. O-Penny S Lauer, B-Michael Lauer & Penny S Lauer (IN), $3,650.
Winning Time: 1:05 2/5 (ft)
IND, 6TH, ALW, $34,500, 3YO/UP, 1M, 10-14.
6— BAYOU CAT, g, 3, Turbo Compressor–Jennys Royalpurple, by Bluegrass Cat. O-Cathi Jones, B-Cathi Diane Jones (IN), T-Tim Eggleston, J-Rodney A. Prescott, $20,700.
5— Fever Temple, g, 4, Temple City–Cecilia’s Fever, by Stormy Atlantic. O-Jim Edgar, B-Jim Edgar (IN), $6,900.
4— Daaher Street, g, 4, Daaher–Church Street, by Holy Bull. O-Tracey Wisner Racing, LLC, B-John C Hajduk (IN), $3,450.
Winning Time: 1:39 4/5 (ft)
TDN, 7TH, ALW, $29,300, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5 1/2F, 10-14.
4— BISCAYNE BAY, f, 3, Paynter–Ocean Princess, by Indian Ocean. O-WinStar Farm LLC and Blazing Meadows Farm LLC, B-Blazing Meadows Farm & WinStar Farm, LLC (OH), T-Timothy E. Hamm, J-Erik Barbaran, $17,580.
5— Kist, f, 3, Overanalyze–Kissy Suzuki, by Summer Bird. O-Kromer, Gail and Heyman, Eric J, B-Gail Kromer & Eric Heyman (OH), $5,860.
8— Love You Goodbye, f, 4, Magna Graduate–Love Or Money, by Coronado’s Quest. O-James M Adams, B-Eutrophia Farms & Elisabeth H Alexander (OH), $2,930.
Winning Time: 1:08 (ft)
TDN, 2ND, ALW, $29,300, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5 1/2F, 10-14.
3— GRAZIA WHO, f, 3, Much the Best–Tour D’elan, by Tour d’Or. O-Robert Severin, B-Robert Nick Severin (OH), T-Robert Severin, J-Ademar Santos, $17,580.
5— Cristalinda, f, 3, Cryptolight–Vallinda, by General Meeting. O-Ronald E Dewolf, B-Ronald DeWolf (OH), $5,860.
4— Ma Kettle, f, 3, Kettle Corn–Cindy Cata, by Cowtown Cat. O-Strike Plate LLC, B-Danny R Bird (OH), $2,930.
Winning Time: 1:08 (ft)
TDN, 6TH, ALW, $29,300, 3YO/UP, 1M, 10-14.
5— OHIO EAGLE, g, 3, Cowtown Cat–Lemonesque, by Lemon Drop Kid. O-Jack Cannon, B-Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm (OH), T-Richard Zielinski, J-Luis Antonio Gonzalez, $17,580.
7— Blanda, g, 3, Indy Wind–Miss Carrera, by Memo (CHI). O-Beckett Racing Team, B-Beckett Racing Team (OH), $5,860.
3— Master Legionaire, g, 4, Mixmaster–Legion of Dreams, by Colony Key. O-Carly S Hamel, B-Pistols Legacy LLC (OH), $2,930.
Winning Time: 1:42 4/5 (ft)
TDN, 5TH, ALW, $24,000, 3YO/UP, 6F, 10-14.
7— FLATTER ME PLEASE, c, 3, Flatter–Please Be Discreet, by Discreet Cat. ($50,000 ’18 KEESEP; $65,000 2019 OBSAPR). O-Charlie J Williams LLC, B-Hinkle Farms (KY), T-Silvano M. Gonzalez, J-Erik Barbaran, $13,800.
2— Time to Shoot, c, 3, Elusive Hour–Charlies Fire, by Fire Blitz. O-Emerson Equistions LLC and Bestard, Brian, B-Felicia Campbell (MI), $4,600.
5— Golden Money, g, 3, Goldencents–Music Thunder, by Distorted Humor. ($11,000 ’18 FTKOCT; $16,000 2019 OBSJUN). O-Edwin Mundo, B-Peter Sheppell & K C Garret Farm (OH), $3,300.
Winning Time: 1:11 4/5 (ft)
FL, 7TH, ALW, $21,100, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M 70Y, 10-14.
1— BIG CYN, f, 3, Handsome Mike–Cape Cod Carol, by Rockport Harbor. O-Patricia A Generazio, B-Patricia Generazio (NY), T-Beth Miller-Saul, J-Kevin Navarro, $12,660.
4— Smart Broad, f, 4, Encaustic–A Smart Punch, by Whiskey Wisdom. O-Anderson, Bruce D and Least, Laurel A, B-Laurel Least & Jason Warner (NY), $4,220.
2— Ok Honey, f, 4, Haynesfield–It’s Not for Love, by Not for Love. O-Eduardo E Jones, B-Robert Susi (NY), $2,110.
Winning Time: 1:45 3/5 (ft)
ZIA, 9TH, ALW, $20,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 10-13.
4— PEGGY B FAST, f, 4, Mr. Gold Mover–Oh So Grand, by Grand Reward. O-Henderson, Charles C and Rust, Blake, B-Mike Rust, Peggy B Rust & CharlesHenderson (NM), T-Terri Rust, J-Shane Laviolette, $12,000.
8— Diabolical Wildcat, f, 3, Diabolical–Wildcat Diva, by Forest Wildcat. O-Robison, J Kirk and Judy, B-J Kirk Robison & Judy Robison (NM), $4,000.
7— Delightful Hips, f, 3, Delhomme–Rock Those Hips, by Rocky Bar. O-Gaylon McGee, B-Allen Farm, Inc (NM), $2,000.
Winning Time: 1:10 1/5 (ft)
*Diabolical Wildcat finished first but was disqualified and placed second by the stewards
FL, 1ST, ALW, $19,000, 3YO/UP, 1M 70Y, 10-14.
6— THIS CAT CAN FLY, g, 5, Birdstone–Mia Gatto, by Cat Thief. ($20,000 ’15 FTNOCT; $80,000 ’16 FTMOCT). O-Top Hat Thoroughbreds, B-Cheryl Prudhomme, Dr Michael Gallivan& Breeding Bliss (NY), T-Jeffrey S. Englehart, J-John R. Davila, Jr., $11,400.
1— Smooth Operation, g, 4, Dr Large–We Will Dance, by You and I. O-Michael S Ferraro, B-Carmalley Valley Farm, LLC (NY), $3,800.
2— Bustin Timberlake, g, 3, Bustin Stones–Amulay, by It’s No Joke. O-Roddy J Valente, B-R J Valente (NY), $1,900.
Winning Time: 1:45 3/5 (ft)
MNR, 3RD, ALW, $17,800, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M 70YT, 10-13.
10— LOVING MOMENT, m, 5, Uncle Mo–Rich Love, by Not for Love. ($50,000 2019 KEENOV). O-Jerry Jamgotchian, B-Mr & Mrs John Liviakis (KY), T-Eric R. Reed, J-Isaias Ayala, $10,324.
4— Millbank Magic, f, 4, Magician (IRE)–Xrate, by Exchange Rate. O-Gary R Welsh, B-Movar Corp (KY), $3,560.
3— Bee Wings, f, 3, Fed Biz–Bread Line, by Catienus. O-Michael J Annechino, B-Rhianon Farms, Inc (KY), $1,780.
Winning Time: 1:40 4/5 (fm)