October 1, 2022

Brisnet Speed Stakes Ratings June 6-12

Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (6/6-6/12) – 3&up Dirt Routes
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Fearless 6G 1 1/2m (ft) BEL 6/11 Brooklyn S. 110
Flightline 4C 1m (ft) BEL 6/11 Hill ‘N’ Dale Metropolitan H. 108
Clairiere 4F 1 1/16m (ft) BEL 6/11 Ogden Phipps S. 105
Leader of the Band 4F 1 1/16m (sy) MTH 6/11 Lady’s Secret S. 100
Ax Man 7G 1 1/16m (ft) PRM 6/11 Jim Rasmussen S. 93
Oliviaofthedesert 4F 1 1/16m (ft) PRM 6/10 Jack Bishop S. 92
Our Man Luke 5G 1m (sy) MTH 6/12 Sunny Ridge H. 90
Lovely Luvy 6M 1m 70y (ft) GP 6/12 Ginger Punch S. 87
Hot Blooded 4G 1m 70y (ft) GP 6/12 Soldier’s Dancer S. 80
Miss Leslie 4F 1 1/16m (ft) DEL 6/8 Obeah S. 80
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (6/6-6/12) – 3&up Dirt Sprints
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Bella Sofia 4F 7f (ft) BEL 6/10 Bed o’ Roses S. 106
Jackie’s Warrior 4C 6 1/2f (ft) BEL 6/10 True North S. 106
Oil Money 6G 6f (ft) PRM 6/10 Ed Skinner S. 98
Just Might 6G 5f (ft) CD 6/11 Mighty Beau Overnight S. 96
Isolate 4C 6 1/2f (ft) HAW 6/11 Work All Week S. 93
Hypothesis 5G 4 1/2f (ft) CT 6/11 It’s Only Money S. 85
Kela’s Turn 4F 6f (ft) PRM 6/10 Prairie Rose S. 82
Stop Hammertime 6G 6f (sy) IND 6/8 William Henry Harrison S. 79
Hungarian Princess 4F 6f (sy) IND 6/8 Shelby County S. 78
Bluegrass Soul 10M 4 1/2f (sl) CPW 6/12 Chippewa Downs Speed S. 77
Causin Mischief 5M a5 1/2f (ft) LBG 6/12 Fillies and Mares Spring Sprint S. 77
Judge On the Run 7M 6 1/2f (ft) CLS 6/11 Columbus Maturity Matron S. 72
Price to Pay 6G 6f (ft) CLS 6/12 Nebraska HBPA Stallion S. 71
Yayasgotmoregame 5G 6 1/2f (ft) CLS 6/11 Amadevil S. 71
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (6/6-6/12) – 3&up Turf
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Regal Glory 6M 1m (fm) BEL 6/11 Longines Just a Game S. 103
Tribhuvan (FR) 6G 1 1/4m (fm) BEL 6/11 Resorts World Casino Manhattan S. 103
Casa Creed 6H 6f (fm) BEL 6/11 Jaipur S. 96
Loft (GER) 4G 2m (fm) BEL 6/10 Belmont Gold Cup S. 96
Bleecker Street 4F 1 1/4m (fm) BEL 6/10 New York S. 93
Caravel 5M 6f (fm) BEL 6/10 Intercontinental S. 93
Give Me the Lute 6G 5f (fm) GG 6/11 Albany S. 89
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (6/6-6/12) – 2 year olds (Dirt)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Two of a Kind 2C 5 1/2f (ft) BEL 6/9 Tremont S. 94
Devious Dame 2F 5 1/2f (ft) BEL 6/9 Astoria S. 90
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (6/6-6/12) – 3 year olds (Dirt & Turf)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Mo Donegal 3C 1 1/2m (ft) BEL 6/11 Belmont S. Presented by NYRA Bets 111
Jack Christopher 3C 7f (ft) BEL 6/11 Woody Stephens S. Presented by Mohegan Sun 109
Cyberknife 3C 1 1/16m (ft) CD 6/12 Matt Winn S. 97
The Minkster 3C 7f (ft) WO 6/12 Queenston S. 97
Hopper 3C 1 1/16m (ft) SA 6/11 Affirmed S. 96
Under the Stars 3F 1 1/16m (ft) SA 6/12 Summertime Oaks 95
Hot Peppers 3F 6f (gd) BEL 6/12 Jersey Girl S. 94
Matareya 3F 1m (ft) BEL 6/11 Acorn S. 92
Butterbean 3F 1m (ft) PRM 6/11 Panthers S. 91
Consumer Spending 3F a1 1/8m (yl) BEL 6/9 Wonder Again S. 91
Wicked Halo 3F 7f (ft) CD 6/12 Leslie’s Lady Overnight S. 90
Rome 3C 1m (ft) PRM 6/11 Prairie Mile S. 89
Sister Lou Ann 3F a1 1/16m (gd) GP 6/11 Martha Washington S. 88
Moira 3F 7f (ft) WO 6/11 Stella Artois Fury S. 87
California Frolic 3C 1 1/16m (ft) GP 6/11 Not Surprising S. 83