December 6, 2023

Spot Plays July 31

BRIS Spot Plays

For Sunday

Canterbury Park (5th) Mongol Altai, 5-1
(7th) Golden Gopher, 3-1
Del Mar (4th) Whiskey Blue, 8-1
(5th) Lookintogeteven, 6-1
Ellis Park (1st) Southern Sense, 9-2
(2nd) Chiquita Mosca, 3-1
Gulfstream Park (4th) Tempora, 4-1
(6th) Jazzy T, 4-1
Laurel Park (1st) Prince of Caps, 6-1
(2nd) Fun Lovin Criminal, 4-1
Monmouth Park (1st) Arcadia Calls, 9-2
(2nd) Sue B Dooo, 7-2
Mountaineer (1st) Star Rider, 9-2
(2nd) Its Big, 3-1
Sacramento (3rd) June Gloom, 3-1
(6th) Governor Arthur, 4-1
Saratoga (3rd) Dawnland, 7-2
(4th) Street Tsar, 3-1
Woodbine (3rd) Love the Game, 7-2
(5th) Battle of Yorktown, 6-1