June 22, 2024

BRIS Speed Stakes Ratings May 28-June 3

Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/28-6/3) – 3&up Dirt Routes
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Diversify 5G 1m (ft) BEL 5/28 Commentator S. 101
Unique Bella 4F 1m (ft) SA 6/2 Beholder Mile S. 101
The Lieutenant 5H 1m (ft) GG 5/28 All American S. 96
Pinson 5G 1 1/16m (ft) PRM 5/28 Jim Rasmussen Memorial S. 94
Holiday Disguise 4F 1m (ft) BEL 5/28 Critical Eye S. 93
Charlie Riffic 4G 1m (ft) FL 5/28 Boston Tea Party H. 77
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/28-6/3) – 3&up Dirt Sprints
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Chief Cicatriz 5G 6f (ft) CD 6/2 Aristides S. 105
Pink Lloyd 6G 6f (ft) WO 6/3 Achievement S. 101
Curlin’s Approval 5M 7f (ft) GP 6/3 Ana T. S. 100
Riser 4C 6f (ft) EMD 6/3 Governor’s S. 97
True Cinder 4F 6f (ft) TDN 6/2 Michael G. Mackey Memorial Angenora S. 96
Devileye 4G 6f (ft) AP 6/2 Addison Cammack Memorial H. 94
Galactic Princess 4F 6f (ft) ARP 5/28 Ingrid Knotts S. 92
K P Wildcat 5M 6f (ft) RUI 6/3 First Lady H. 92
Invested Prospect 5M 6f (ft) EMD 5/28 Hastings S. 87
Yo Y Me 4G 5f (ft) ARP 6/3 Arapahoe Park Sprint S. 87
Puntsville 6M 6f (ft) AP 6/2 Isaac Murphy H. 86
Love At Night 5M 6f (ft) HPO 6/2 Falls Amiss S. 78
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/28-6/3) – 3&up Turf
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Oak Bluffs 8G 5f (fm) PEN 6/2 Pennsylvania Governor’s Cup S. 102
Morticia 4F 5f (fm) PEN 6/2 Penn Ladies Dash S. 100
Hunt (IRE) 6G 1m (fm) SA 5/28 Shoemaker Mile S. 99
Offering Plan 6H 1m (gd) BEL 5/28 Kingston S. 99
Belvoir Bay (GB) 5M a6 1/2f (fm) SA 5/28 Monrovia S. 98
Caribou Club 4G 7f (fm) WO 6/2 Connaught Cup S. 94
Lipstick City 4F 1m (fm) GP 5/31 Christmas Past S. 94
Pay Any Price 8G 5f (fm) GP 6/3 Crystal River S. 94
Long On Value 7H 5f (fm) CD 6/2 Mighty Beau Overnight S. 93
Wings Locked Up 6G a5f (gd) CBY 6/2 Honor the Hero S. 92
Causeforcommotion 4F 1 1/4m (fm) SA 6/3 Possibly Perfect S. 91
Feeling Bossy 5M 1m (gd) BEL 5/28 Mount Vernon S. 90
Imply 5M 1 1/16m (fm) PEN 6/2 Lyphard S. 90
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/28-6/3) – 3 year olds (Dirt & Turf)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Analyze the Odds 3C 7f (ft) BEL 5/28 Mike Lee S. 100
Catholic Boy 3R 1 1/8m (fm) BEL 6/2 Pennine Ridge S. 99
Midnight Disguise 3F 7f (ft) BEL 5/28 Bouwerie S. 99
Bronx Beauty 3F 6f (ft) PEN 6/2 New Start S. 95
Got Stormy 3F 1m (fm) PEN 6/2 Penn Oaks 93
Zack Ridge Road 3G 5 1/2f (ft) ASD 6/1 Balooga Bull Overnight S. 92
Loving Lynda 3F 1 1/16m (ft) SA 6/3 Melair S. 91
Sirenusa 3F 1m (fm) CBY 5/28 Northbound Pride Oaks 91
Hawkish 3G 1m (fm) PEN 6/2 Penn Mile S. 90
Raider 3F 6f (gd) NP 6/1 Chariot Chaser H. 89
Gunnison 3C 1 1/16m (gd) MTH 6/2 Tale of the Cat S. 88
Smooth B 3C 6f (ft) PEN 6/2 Danzig S. 88
Sure Fire Friend 3G 6f (gd) PRM 6/2 Gray’s Lake S. 88
Take the One O One 3C 1 1/8m (fm) SA 6/2 Snow Chief S. 86
Lady Warrior 3F 5 1/2f (gd) ASD 6/2 Miss Missile Overnight S. 81