February 21, 2024

Spot Plays July 1

BRISnet Spot Plays

For Sunday

Arlington Park (5th) Speed Devil, 9-2
(7th) Can She Shoot, 6-1
Belmont Park (2nd) Satin Sheets, 3-1
(6th) Ides of Arch, 8-1
Belterra Park (3rd) Tillicum, 7-2
(8th) Carol’s a Case, 3-1
Canterbury Park (8th) Medaglia Gold, 3-1
(10th) Cheerz to Clare, 6-1
Ellis Park (4th) Dirty Day, 8-1
(5th) Laughing Levi, 8-1
Emerald Downs (1st) Thirty Pepperonis, 7-2
(4th) Fuzzy Dolphin, 3-1
Fort Erie (1st) Grin n’ Bear, 3-1
(2nd) Bareinthemoonlight, 7-2
Gulfstream Park (7th) Sensational Sam, 7-2
(11th) Lady and Me, 7-2
Hastings Park (2nd) Tattooed Kitty, 6-1
(7th) Kodiak Rose, 7-2
Laurel Park (1st) Country Linedancer, 9-2
(3rd) Charming Emmy, 4-1
Lone Star Park (6th) Infinite Road, 9-2
(10th) Fashion Editor, 10-1
Los Alamitos (2nd) Odyssey Explorer, 3-1
(8th) Boy Howdy, 6-1
Monmouth Park (5th) Ride On Faith, 6-1
(8th) National Honor, 6-1
Mountaineer (1st) Officer’s Oath, 9-2
(9th) Bell’s Honor, 6-1
Pleasanton (6th) Smiling Ann, 3-1
(9th) Desert Express, 9-2
Prairie Meadows (3rd) Bustamove, 4-1
(6th) Lazy Daisy May, 3-1
Presque Isle Downs (4th) Grace to Glory, 7-2
(7th) Savage Nation, 7-2
Tampa Bay Downs (1st) Validity, 4-1
(5th) Scorched Earth, 4-1
Woodbine (2nd) Ghostly Win, 6-1
(10th) Afleet Connection, 4-1