December 7, 2022

OptixEQ handicaps Oaklawn racing on February 7

Malagacy at Oaklawn Park
Oaklawn Park (Coady Photography)


Emily Gullikson of OptixEQ gives insights into Friday’s 5th race at Oaklawn Park.



The pace scenario presents as one highly contested with many “E” and “E/P” runners as well as a SpeedRate that can force those runners forwardly place to run a fast-early pace. With that said, the race could set up for an off-the-pace runner.

#1 STASH THE CASH looks to fall into a favorable trip on OptixPLOT (shown below) tracking from Quad II. It is also worth taking a look specifically at his sprint races, those recent sprints shown below as filtered in OptixGRID. Following the layoff (though noted IMPROVE with some trouble at the start and a move), positive performances as shown with the B/B- OptixGRADES. A deeper look at his race and understanding of pace when assessing his trips. For the races in June-October, he raced a bit more forwardly placed, though just to the right in the O4S (OptixSHAPE) column the 4-furlong was designated VS/S (very slow/slow); compare that to his November sprint races and change in running style with the VF (very fast) O4S designation. Given today could produce that F/VF O4S, he could fall right into that right tracking trip.

Stash the Cash for Oaklawn Park race 5 on Feruary 7

#8 WINGS UP is the lone “C” the closer in the field and some advantages to come with that under today’s condition. His form is a bit dirty and looking at his races Surface/Distance filtered on OptixGRID show a runner capable to compete at this level with OptixFIG in range for today’s race. While he does not show a “win” he also is void of any “redKeywords and Grades. Similar to STASH THE CASH he could benefit from a faster early pace, one he did not receive (VS/S) in early 2019. He did have the VF O4S back on November 17th however also found himself extra wide (X_WIDE) that afternoon playing a factor in his finishing position.

Wings Up for Oaklawn Park race 5 on Feruary 7
OptixEQ Plot graph for Oaklawn Park race 5 on Feruary 7