November 28, 2023

Spot Plays August 28

BRISnet Spot Plays

For Friday

Arlington Park (1st) Kuringai, 7-2
(2nd) Medal of Fact, 3-1
Belterra Park (1st) Spurs Addiction, 7-2
(3rd) Moon’s Image, 6-1
Charles Town (2nd) Thorn of Rose Hill, 5-1
(3rd) Bret’s Legacy, 6-1
Del Mar (3rd) He’s Like Violence, 7-2
(5th) Full Draw, 5-1
Ellis Park (1st) Christians City, 8-1
(2nd) Celtic Mischief, 3-1
Evangeline Downs (5th) Flashyboy Bobb, 4-1
(6th) Cajun Pinata, 6-1
Golden Gate Fields (1st) Indian Dancer, 3-1
(6th) Seau, 3-1
Gulfstream Park (1st) Maystart, 5-1
(4th) Chez Paree, 6-1
Laurel Park (1st) Halfinthewrapper, 3-1
(4th) Si Mamacita, 4-1
Monmouth Park (1st) Animal Trick, 6-1
(4th) Gray Gary, 4-1
Penn National (2nd) Soulmate, 5-1
(4th) Just Nod and Smile, 9-2
Prairie Meadows (5th) Ize Discreet Rose, 5-1
(6th) Caden’s Foxy Lady, 7-2
Remington Park (2nd) Matheson, 4-1
(3rd) Clever Boy, 8-1
Saratoga (3rd) Wardenofthenorth, 4-1
(6th) Black Channel, 3-1
Woodbine (2nd) Beau’s Beauty, 5-1
(4th) Dea Del Cielo, 7-2