February 9, 2023

Spot Plays August 7

BRISnet Spot Plays

For Friday

Arlington Park (2nd) Sunny’s Storm, 9-2
(5th) Ekaterinoslav, 7-2
Belterra Park (1st) Christians City, 9-2
(3rd) Mads, 5-1
Charles Town (1st) Approving Sonde, 3-1
(5th) Call Me Jelly Roll, 9-2
Del Mar (1st) Worthy Turk, 3-1
(2nd) Saving Sophie, 3-1
Ellis Park (1st) Shape of You, 3-1
(2nd) Red Blue and True, 3-1
Evangeline Downs (2nd) Pure Valor, 4-1
(3rd) Miss Jamie, 4-1
Golden Gate Fields (2nd) Cyclops, 3-1
(5th) Golden Goddess, 7-2
Gulfstream Park (3rd) Cpt. Rhett Butler, 7-2
(6th) Souper Jaguar, 3-1
Laurel Park (1st) Missimard, 9-2
(5th) Chauffeur, 4-1
Penn National (2nd) Charlie Mops, 7-2
(5th) Where’s the Ben’s, 7-2
Prairie Meadows (4th) Intoxicating Kiss, 6-1
(7th) Dorota, 7-2
Saratoga (4th) Halo City, 4-1
(5th) Fair Regis, 4-1
Woodbine (1st) Just Run with It, 3-1
(4th) We Take Checks, 4-1