June 17, 2021

North American Allowance Results May 11

PRX, 10TH, AOC, $60,150, 3YO, 6F, 5-11.
1—MARVALOUS MIKE, c, 3, Uncle Lino–Restless Summer, by El Corredor. O-Robert C Roffey, Jr, B-Robert C Roffey Jr (PA), T-Marya K. Montoya, J-Abner Adorno, $37,800.
3—Wizky’s On the Bay, g, 3, Talent Search–Sundays On the Bay, by Disco Rico. O-Justin Harguth Et Al, B-Glenn E Brok LLC (PA), $12,600.
5—Dalton, c, 3, Kantharos–You Asked, by Yes It’s True. O-Colts Neck Stables LLC, B-Colts Neck Stables LLC (KY), $4,950.
Winning Time: 1:10 1/5 (ft)
PRX, 9TH, ALW, $49,350, 3YO/UP, F/M, 7F, 5-11.
1—DID I STUTTER, f, 4, Alternation–Feisty, by Ready’s Image. O-Double B Racing Stables, B-Northern Dawn Stables Inc (ON), T-Louis C. Linder, Jr., J-Ruben Silvera, $27,000.
7—Capital Q, f, 4, El Padrino–She Craves Capital, by Sharp Humor. O-Richard Ciavardone, B-Rich Ciavardone (PA), $12,600.
8—Sense a Million, f, 4, Street Sense–Cautionary Tale, by Yes It’s True. ($90,000 ’18 KEESEP). O-Fanelli, John and Long Ball Stable LLC, B-Martha Jane Mulholland, Roger Pardieck, Mary A Pardieck & Candyland Farm (KY), $4,950.
Winning Time: 1:23 2/5 (ft)
IND, 5TH, AOC, $42,780, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5FT, 5-11.
4—CARIMBA, f, 3, Kantharos–Star of Gallantry, by Warrior’s Reward. ($155,000 ’18 KEENOV). O-Stonestreet Stables LLC, B-H Allen Poindexter (IN), T-Wesley A. Ward, J-Deshawn L. Parker, $28,980.
2—Nightlife, m, 5, Into Mischief–Fame and Fashion, by Petionville. ($67,000 2020 KEENOV). O-Triton Stable, Chenvert, Brian and Kenneally, Eddie, B-Everest Stables Inc (MD), $6,900.
1—Baileston Lassie, f, 4, Verrazano–Accomplish First, by First Defence. ($16,000 ’18 FTKOCT). O-Southwest Racing Stables and Lewis, Steve H, B-Castleton Lyons (KY), $3,450.
Winning Time: :56 4/5 (fm)
IND, 6TH, ALW, $39,000, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2F, 5-11.
4—OSCAR P Q, g, 6, Quite a Handful–Margarita Masamune, by Eishin Masamune (JPN). O-Darlene Green, B-Linda Kay Miller (IN), T-Darlene Green, J-Alex Achard, $23,400.
10—Tuffer Than Tuff, g, 4, Skylord–Icey Energy, by Unbridled Energy. O-Gary K Tussey, B-Anthony Mathias (IN), $7,800.
8—Rampage, g, 4, Skylord–Meanerthanu, by Arch. O-Donahoe, Patrick D and Donald, B-Patrick D Donahoe (IN), $3,900.
Winning Time: 1:05 1/5 (ft)
IND, 3RD, ALW, $36,500, 3YO/UP, 1M, 5-10.
1—FLATOUTJUSTICE, g, 6, Flat Out–You Too, by You and I. ($20,000 ’16 INDOCT). O-Israel J Garcia, B-Justice Farm & Greg Justice (IN), T-Israel J. Garcia, J-Isaias Ayala, $21,900.
6—Idea Man, g, 4, Strong Mandate–Rose Run, by Will’s Way. O-McCrary, Fred D and Neil, B-Fred McCrary & Neil McCrary (IN), $7,300.
3—Lookin At Justice, c, 3, Atreides–Traditionalist, by Aptitude. ($15,000 ’19 FTKOCT). O-Southwest Racing Stables and Lewis, Steve H, B-Justice Farm & Greg Justice (IN), $3,650.
Winning Time: 1:37 4/5 (ft)
IND, 8TH, ALW, $36,500, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2F, 5-10.
5—ROCK N JUNE BUG, g, 4, Danza–Rock ‘n’ Roll Gal, by Spanish Steps. O-Indy Dancer’s Training Center, B-Samuel and William Martin Trust Edmund W Martin Trustee (IN), T-Merrill C. Roberts, J-Isaiah Wiseman, $21,900.
3—Cap de Fuego, g, 5, Morning Line–Flor de Amelia, by Cape Town. O-Rancho Monarca, LLC, B-Rancho Monarca, LLC (IN), $7,300.
1—Superduty Justice, c, 3, Danza–Best Practices, by Tough Knight. ($15,000 ’19 FTKOCT). O-Jeremy Ramsland, B-Justice Farm & Greg Justice (IN), $3,650.
Winning Time: 1:04 (ft)
PRX, 8TH, AOC, $36,250, 3YO/UP, F/M, 7F, 5-11.
4—PRECIOUS, f, 4, Fed Biz–Brilliant Sunshine, by Smarty Jones. O-Newell Thoroughbred, B-Newell Thoroughbreds LTD (PA), T-John C. Servis, J-Frankie Pennington, $21,600.
5—Dilly Dilly Philly, m, 5, Jump Start–Judiane’s Jubilee, by Congaree. O-Happy Tenth Stable, B-David Charlton (PA), $7,200.
3—I’m the Talent, m, 5, Talent Search–Oh Lolly Lolly, by Ecclesiastic. O-Aurora Vista LLC, B-Golden Oak Farm LLC (PA), $3,960.
Winning Time: 1:22 4/5 (ft)
TDN, 6TH, ALW, $34,200, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 5-11.
1—RESILIENT COLORS, f, 4, Birdrun–Glowing Colors, by Grand Slam. O-Spicer, Richard and Spitler, D William, B-Bruce Ryan (OH), T-Jeffrey A. Radosevich, J-Luis Raul Rivera, $20,520.
6—Cristalinda, f, 4, Cryptolight–Vallinda, by General Meeting. O-Ronald E Dewolf, B-Ronald DeWolf (OH), $6,840.
4—Justa Cowgirl, m, 5, Western Pride–Senorita’s Secrets, by Sea of Secrets. O-Poole, Joseph M and McCall, Richard H, B-Troy J Gayheart (OH), $3,420.
Winning Time: 1:14 (ft)
IND, 6TH, ALW, $32,500, 3YO, F, 1M, 5-10.
2—SISTER ANNIE, f, 3, Carpe Diem–Mi Hermana, by Distorted Humor. ($65,000 ’19 KEESEP). O-Thrash, Ike and Dawn, B-Andres Bezzola (KY), T-Brad H. Cox, J-Fernando De La Cruz, $19,500.
3—Celestial Spin, f, 3, Hard Spun–Celestial Smile, by Tiznow. ($80,000 ’19 FTKJUL). O-Thirstyacres Racing, LLC and Loy, John K, B-Narola, LLC (KY), $6,500.
6—Danceswithbourbon, f, 3, Outwork–Crimson Spire, by Gone West. ($18,000 ’19 KEESEP). O-Euclid Racing LLC, B-John Trumbulovic (KY), $3,250.
Winning Time: 1:37 3/5 (ft)
TDN, 7TH, ALW, $31,800, 3YO/UP, 6F, 5-11.
1—HIPSTER, g, 3, Awesome Again–My Fast Friend, by Friends Lake. O-Michael A Foster, B-Susan King (OH), T-William D. Cowans, J-Jose A. Bracho, $19,080.
7—Armada, g, 3, Paynter–Ocean Princess, by Indian Ocean. O-WinStar Farm LLC and Blazing Meadows Farm LLC, B-Blazing Meadows Farm & WinStar Farm, LLC (OH), $6,360.
9—Kissinger, g, 3, Tapiture–Kissy Suzuki, by Summer Bird. O-Kromer, Gail and Heyman, Eric J, B-Gail Kromer & Eric Heyman (OH), $3,180.
Winning Time: 1:13 4/5 (ft)
TDN, 4TH, ALW, $31,800, 3YO/UP, 6F, 5-11.
5—HOME RUN POWER, g, 3, Global Power–Morant Bay, by Badge of Silver. O-Irish Charm Thoroughbreds LLC and Laria, Jerry, B-Ronald J Paolucci (OH), T-Gary L. Johnson, J-Angel Serpa, $19,080.
3—You’re My Boy Blue, g, 3, Birdrun–Bet On the Blue, by E Dubai. O-Jefferson Evangelista, B-Hal Snowden Jr (OH), $6,360.
2—Joes a Rockin, g, 5, Vaquero–Sweet Jody, by Value Plus. O-Raldirys L Pujols, B-Raimonde Farms LTD & Michael Rone (OH), $3,180.
Winning Time: 1:14 1/5 (ft)
PRM, 6TH, ALW, $31,500, 3YO/UP, 1M, 5-10.
2—CODETOWIN, g, 6, Ghaaleb–D’ Code, by Boundary. O-Rodney M Miller, B-William Stiritz (IL), T-Jon G. Arnett, J-Elvin Gonzalez, $18,750.
6—Hour City, g, 7, Temple City–Hour Queen, by Gilded Time. O-Highfield Investment Group, Inc, B-Carl Hurst, Fred Bradley &William Bradley (KY), $6,250.
4—Take Charge Now, h, 6, Take Charge Indy–Lemon Drop Girl, by Lemon Drop Kid. O-Dr Kalarikkal K Jayaraman, B-Dr K K Jayaraman & Dr V Devi Jayaraman (KY), $3,750.
Winning Time: 1:39 1/5 (ft)
WRD, 10TH, ALW, $26,400, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 5-10.
1—FLATOUTCOUNTRY, m, 5, Flat Out–Foreign Country, by Sefapiano. ($20,000 ’16 KEENOV). O-Adios Reality Farms LLC, B-Center Hills Farm (OK), T-J. Alan Williams, J-Ronald Richard, $15,352.
2—Yak Attack, m, 5, Oratory–Mudlaff Charlie, by Indian Charlie. ($9,000 ’17 OKCAUG). O-Coye Conley, B-Kirk Thoroughbreds LLC (OK), $5,704.
4—Do You Bileve, f, 4, Mr. Nightlinger–Summer Event, by Event of the Year. O-Patrick E Swan, B-Patrick Swan & Rose Smith (OK), $3,291.
Winning Time: 1:12 (ft)
LAD, 6TH, ALW, $24,000, 3YO/UP, 6F, 5-10.
4—ZELIG, g, 4, Bind–Happyfromthegitgo, by Easyfromthegitgo. ($5,000 ’17 ESLOCT). O-Roe, Steve D and Patricia L, B-J Adcock (LA), T-Patrick Mouton, J-Emanuel Nieves, $14,400.
1—Slither, g, 4, Custom for Carlos–K. R.’s Jazz, by Concerto. O-Gulf Haven Farms, B-Gulf Haven Farms, LLC (LA), $4,800.
6—Morricone, c, 3, Lone Star Special–Empress Hatshepsut, by Don’t Get Mad. ($3,500 ’19 ESLYRL). O-Rowdy Morris, B-Tigertail Ranch (LA), $2,640.
Winning Time: 1:11 2/5 (my)
FP, 6TH, ALW, $21,800, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2F, 5-11.
7—D’ YANK, g, 5, Regal Ransom–Mrs. Obvious, by Afternoon Deelites. O-Gavilsky II, Lawrence J, Throm, Keith and Throm, Collin, B-South River Ranch Inc (IL), T-James M. Watkins, J-Joseph Berrios, $13,080.
3—D’fever, g, 5, Liaison–Cool Johanna, by Johannesburg. O-Victory Stables, LLC and Schumer, Chad, B-Lannister Holdings LLC (IL), $4,360.
1—Baba Lou, g, 4, Cowboy Cal–Baba Lucy, by Peace Rules. O-Esposito, Bob and Lynda, B-Bob Esposito & Lynda Esposito (IL), $2,180.
Winning Time: 1:05 2/5 (ft)
HST, 6TH, ALW, $16,499, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 5-10.
4—WE B THREE, f, 3, Teide–Lost Humor, by Langfuhr. (C$1,000 ’19 BRCSEP). O-Willow Creek Farms, B-Ole A Nielsen (BC), T-Steve Henson, J-Scott Williams, $9,074.
2—Nice Brown Girl, m, 5, Alternation–Dancing Daisy, by More Than Ready. ($3,200 ’17 FTKOCT; $13,000 2018 OBSJAN). O-Maybin, Rob and Maybin, Sheena, B-Albert Polk (KY), $3,300.
7—Walkinthewalk, f, 4, Danza–Mrs Cindy’s Walkin, by Cactus Ridge. ($1,000 ’17 KEENOV; $8,000 ’18 FTKOCT; C$15,000 2019 BRCHRA). O-Canmor Farms, B-Gregg Moore (KY), $1,650.
Winning Time: 1:12 (ft)