June 17, 2021

North American Allowance Results May 16

CD, 7TH, AOC, $104,000, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2FT, 5-16.
7—GRAY ATTEMPT, h, 5, Graydar–Attempt to Name, by Consolidator. ($50,000 ’17 FTKJUL). O-Davis, Joey Keith and Rojas, Jackie, B-Wynnstay LLC, Donna Moore &Jim Richardson (KY), T-Chris A. Hartman, J-Mitchell Murrill, $59,808.
5—Souper Dormy, c, 4, Into Mischief–Truly Blushed, by Yes It’s True. ($400,000 ’18 FTSAUG). O-Live Oak Plantation, B-Newtown Anner Stud (KY), $20,800.
2—Bad Beat Brian, g, 4, Jack Milton–Ultimate Class, by During. ($115,000 2019 FTMMAY). O-Paradise Farms Corp and Staudacher, David, B-Pope McLean, Pope McLean Jr, MarcMcLean & Phil Hager (KY), $10,400.
Winning Time: 1:02 1/5 (fm)
BEL, 8TH, AOC, $85,000, 3YO/UP, 6FT, 5-16.
7—BIG PACKAGE, g, 4, Big Brown–Mia’s First, by Malabar Gold. ($20,000 ’18 FTMOCT). O-Carney, Sean and Donk, David G, B-Newtown Anner Stud (NY), T-David G. Donk, J-Irad Ortiz, Jr., $46,750.
6—Shiraz, g, 7, Tale of the Cat–Lentil, by Alphabet Soup. ($72,000 ’15 OBSJAN; $105,000 2016 OBSMAR). O-Three Diamonds Farm, B-Lambholm (NY), $17,000.
10—Honor Up, h, 6, To Honor and Serve–Unobstructed View, by Yes It’s True. ($65,000 ’16 FTNAUG). O-Saratoga Seven Racing Partners, LLC, B-Gainesway Thoroughbreds Ltd (NY), $10,200.
Winning Time: 1:07 1/5 (fm)
SA, 7TH, AOC, $75,840, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6 1/2FT, 5-16.
7—LOFTY, f, 4, Suances (GB)–Loni’s Appeal, by Successful Appeal. O-Red Baron’s Barn LLC, B-Red Baron’s Barn LLC (CA), T-Michael W. McCarthy, J-Jessica Pyfer, $49,140.
4—Nu Pi Lambda, f, 4, City Zip–Giulio’s Jewel, by Speightstown. ($50,000 ’18 KEESEP; $80,000 2019 FTCJUN). O-Harris Farms, Inc, B-Hinkle Farms (KY), $12,600.
8—Lucky Peridot, m, 5, Itsmyluckyday–Rare Elegance, by Forestry. ($40,000 2018 OBSAPR). O-Altamira Racing Stable, Wire to Wire Stables, Hall, Darryl, Lantzman, Marc and Pancer, Mike, B-Marion G Montanari (FL), $7,560.
Winning Time: 1:16 1/5 (fm)
SA, 2ND, AOC, $65,500, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6FT, 5-16.
5—RAKASSAH (IRE), f, 4, Night of Thunder (IRE)–Elegant Peace (IRE), by Intense Focus. (25,000EUR ’17 GOFNOV; 40,000GBP ’18 GUKAUG; 40,000gns 2019 TATHIT). O-Red Baron’s Barn LLC and Rancho Temescal LLC, B-John Malone (IRE), T-Philip D’Amato, J-Jessica Pyfer, $39,000.
2—Gidgetta, f, 4, Fast Anna–Gidget Girl, by Sky Mesa. O-Jungle Racing LLC, B-Jungle Racing, LLC (KY), $13,000.
1—Five Pics Please, f, 3, Cinco Charlie–No Pictures Please, by Congrats. O-Desert Sun Stables, B-Larry L Caudill DVM (KY), $7,800.
Winning Time: 1:09 (fm)
GP, 5TH, AOC, $47,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1 1/16MT, 5-16.
1—PASSION PLUS, m, 6, Passion for Gold–Platinumplus, by Mizzen Mast. ($11,000 ’16 OBSAUG). O-Mad Dog Racing Stable, B-Elite Equine & Carol Hershe (FL), T-Saffie A. Joseph, Jr., J-Edgard J. Zayas, $28,700.
7—Baseline Drive, f, 4, Point of Entry–Corner Three, by Scat Daddy. O-Off The Hook LLC, Coleman, Thomas and Doheny, Michael, B-Masters 2013 (FL), $9,820.
6—Livin At the Beach, f, 4, Treasure Beach (GB)–Just Livin a Dream, by Trippi. O-Patricia A Generazio, B-Patricia Generazio (FL), $5,120.
Winning Time: 1:44 1/5 (fm)
GP, 8TH, ALW, $47,000, 3YO, 7F, 5-16.
6—MY MANE MAN, g, 3, Bahamian Squall–Give Glory to God, by Mutakddim. O-Equine Authority Inc, B-Pamela Edel (FL), T-John G Vinson, J-Emisael Jaramillo, $28,900.
3—Bailey, g, 3, Brethren–Horah for Bailey, by Doneraile Court. O-Mad Dog Racing Stable and Stefania Farms, LLC, B-Arindel (FL), $10,200.
5—Creative Cloud, c, 3, Creative Cause–Sky Goddess, by Sky Mesa. O-PaulFam 4, B-Dr Derek K Paul (FL), $5,100.
Winning Time: 1:23 1/5 (ft)
GP, 9TH, AOC, $44,900, 3YO/UP, 1 1/16MT, 5-16.
1—MAX K. O., h, 5, J P’s Gusto–Funky Fraulein, by Sligo Bay (IRE). ($13,000 2018 OBSJUN). O-Ivette Perez Chambless, B-Span Investments (FL), T-Jose Garoffalo, J-Miguel Angel Vasquez, $28,900.
5—Mr Matuschek, g, 4, More Than Ready–Celestial Storm (IRE), by Galileo (IRE). ($250,000 ’18 FTSAUG; $75,000 2019 KEENOV). O-John A Fike, B-Highfield Farm (KY), $8,400.
7—Neverstopdreaming, g, 4, New Year’s Day–Kick Save, by Seeking the Dia. ($12,000 ’18 FTKOCT; $12,500 2019 OBSJUN; $7,500 2019 OBSMAR). O-Stephen Screnci, B-Crupper Bloodstock LLC, Mark Hart & Guy Goudy (KY), $4,400.
Winning Time: 1:41 1/5 (fm)
GG, 9TH, ALW, $41,884, 3YO/UP, 1 1/8MT, 5-16.
4—SHADRACK, g, 5, Gig Harbor–Devilinabaydress, by Tiznow. O-Ray McCanna, B-Ray McCanna (CA), T-Tim McCanna, J-Armando Ayuso, $24,180.
2—Shot of a Lifetime, g, 6, Many Rivers–Penuche Royale, by Chapel Royal. O-Creighton, Robert and Gilmour, Jim, B-Rob Creighton (CA), $8,060.
1—Liberal (IRE), g, 5, Lope De Vega (IRE)–Liberating (GB), by Iffraaj (GB). O-Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners, B-Airlie Stud & Mrs S M Rogers (IRE), $3,720.
Winning Time: 1:50 2/5 (fm)
GG, 6TH, AOC, $41,858, 3YO/UP, 6F, 5-16.
5—DARNQUICK, g, 4, Run Brother Ron–Darncat, by Forest Camp. O-Cliff Plum, B-Clifford LeRoy Plum (CA), T-Isidro Tamayo, J-William Antongeorgi III, $24,960.
1—Sunset Dragunn, g, 7, Bold Chieftain–Luke’s Finest, by Indian Charlie. O-La Penita Racing Stable, Gomez, Heriberto and Gonzalez, Maria, B-Lorrie Anthony-Wanger & Oliver W Wa (CA), $8,320.
4—El Chavo Del Ocho, g, 6, Tannersmyman–My Sis Liz, by Artax. ($4,000 ’16 CTNAUG). O-Abel Lizardi, B-Joseph A Duffel & Woodbridge Farm (CA), $4,992.
Winning Time: 1:10 (ft)
PRM, 3RD, ALW, $41,201, 3YO/UP, 1M, 5-15.
2—POINT OF IMPACT, g, 4, Point of Entry–Warmhearted Sandy, by Say Florida Sandy. ($30,000 ’18 IOWSEP). O-Tamara Metzen, B-Big Pine LLC (IA), T-Wade Rarick, J-Alfredo J. Juarez, Jr., $24,750.
1—Say It Nicely, g, 4, Discreet Cat–Camela Carson, by Lord Carson. O-RPM Thoroughbreds (Shattuck), B-RPM Thoroughbreds (IA), $8,250.
3—Lucky Louie, g, 3, Itsmyluckyday–Missmekissme, by Sir Cat. O-RPM Thoroughbreds (Shattuck), B-RPM Thoroughbreds (IA), $4,950.
Winning Time: 1:39 3/5 (my)
GG, 5TH, AOC, $40,006, 3YO, 1MT, 5-16.
5—JIMMY BLUE JEANS, g, 3, James Street–Blue Blizzard, by Marino Marini. O-Bruno, Perry, Gezon, John and Jones, Robert M, B-Perry Bruno & John Gezon (CA), T-Andy Mathis, J-Assael Espinoza, $24,180.
3—Champagne Pegasus, c, 3, Champ Pegasus–Champagne Dream, by Siphon (BRZ). O-Ruben Arechiga, B-Richard Barton Enterprises (CA), $8,060.
4—Gallant Guy, g, 3, Gallant Son–Quick Glory, by Swiss Yodeler. O-Daehling Ranch LLC, Doyle, Cheryl, Gonzalez, Reina E, Gutierrez, Matthew and Lopez, Patricia, B-Daehling Ranch LLC (CA), $4,836.
Winning Time: 1:36 4/5 (fm)
LS, 5TH, ALW, $39,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5F, 5-16.
7—RAINTREE STARLET, m, 5, Get Stormy–Birdie Told Me, by Eavesdropper. O-M and M Racing (Mike Sisk), B-Nancy Vanier & Horse Player Racing Club (KY), T-Robertino Diodoro, J-Ramon A. Vazquez, $23,400.
3—Boerne, f, 4, Fed Biz–Seeking the Jewel, by Seeking the Gold. ($10,000 ’18 FTKOCT). O-De Luca and Sons Stable, B-Randi Moreau-Sipiere & Eric Moreau-Sipiere (TX), $7,800.
5—Stormieis Blue, m, 5, Moro Tap–Borrego’s Treasure, by Borrego. O-Tony Wilson, B-Leslie Clemmer (OK), $4,290.
Winning Time: :57 1/5 (sy)
LS, 7TH, ALW, $34,000, 3YO/UP, 1M, 5-16.
5—QUARTERBACK DAK, g, 4, Alternation–My Girl Bess, by More Than Ready. ($18,500 ’18 TEXAUG). O-PH Stables LLC, B-Ed Few (TX), T-Al Cates, J-Richard E. Eramia, $20,280.
2—Conga Boy, c, 3, Congaree–Splendored, by Proud Citizen. ($12,000 2020 TEXDEC). O-Alan Herman, B-Haynes Stables, LLC (TX), $6,760.
1—Ghoster, g, 3, Tapiture–Trifolium, by Candy Ride (ARG). ($27,000 ’19 FTKOCT). O-Wilson, Holly, Wilson, David and Stevens, Gary, B-Keith I Asmussen (TX), $3,718.
Winning Time: 1:40 2/5 (sy)
LS, 8TH, ALW, $34,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M, 5-16.
5—SCAT FOR THE CAUSE, f, 3, Creative Cause–Scat Baby, by Scat Daddy. O-C R Trout, B-C R Trout (KY), T-C. R. Trout, J-Jose L. Alvarez, $20,400.
1—Eternal Endeavour (GB), m, 7, Mayson (GB)–Never Lose (GB), by Diktat (GB). (13,500gns ’14 TATDEC; 23,000EUR ’15 TATIRE). O-M and M Racing (Mike Sisk), B-Tibthorpe Stud (GB), $6,800.
3—Spanx Legacy, f, 4, Animal Kingdom–My Spanx, by A. P. Delta. ($130,000 ’17 KEENOV; $40,000 2019 OBSJUN). O-Poindexter Thoroughbreds LLC and Donarra Thoroughbreds, LLC, B-H Allen Poindexter (KY), $3,740.
Winning Time: 1:40 2/5 (sy)
PRM, 8TH, ALW, $31,500, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 5-15.
7—BLINKERS, m, 5, Stay Thirsty–Wildcat Gold, by Forest Wildcat. ($25,000 ’17 FTKOCT). O-Poindexter Thoroughbreds LLC, B-Gentry Farms (KY), T-Lynn Chleborad, J-Elvin Gonzalez, $18,600.
1—Focus First, f, 3, Even the Score–Sweet Margi, by Margie’s Wildcat. O-Eikleberry, Kevin and Snowden, Jr, Hal E, B-Hal Snowden Jr (KY), $6,200.
3—Wicked Flashback, f, 4, Wicked Strong–Another Flashback, by Curlin. O-Charles Jennings, B-Karen E Carroll (ON), $3,720.
Winning Time: 1:10 (my)
CT, 7TH, ALW, $30,800, 3YO/UP, 4 1/2F, 5-15.
8—HARBOUR TOWN, g, 6, Your Abc’s–Annapolis Harbor, by Rockport Harbor. O-Janice Groves, B-Harold Shotwell (WV), T-Janice Groves, J-Jan C. Batista, $18,330.
6—Kukulkan, h, 6, Corfu–Nonotesneeded, by Montbrook. O-Oaxaca Stable, B-Luis D Martinez (FL), $6,110.
5—Stretch the Truth, g, 3, Exaggerator–Echo Harbor, by Boston Harbor. ($14,000 ’19 OBSJAN; $12,000 ’19 OBSOCT; $18,000 2020 OBSSPR). O-Danny J Chen, B-Woodford Thoroughbreds (KY), $3,055.
Winning Time: :53 1/5 (ft)
MAL, 3RD, ALW, $19,000, 4YO/UP, 26FT, 5-15.
3—MYSTIC STRIKE, g, 12, Smart Strike–Mystic Rhythms, by Citidancer. O-Upland Partners, B-Peter Vegso Racing Stable (FL), T-Todd McKenna, J-Thomas Garner, $12,000.
5—Storm Team, g, 7, Candy Ride (ARG)–Stormy Dixie, by Stormy Atlantic. O-Williams, Sheila J and Northwoods Stable, B-Colts Neck Stables LLC (KY), $3,600.
1—Goodoldtimes (IRE), g, 7, Gold Well (GB)–Ballinlovaneeile (IRE), by Alphabatim. (20,000EUR ’14 TATNNH; 32,000EUR 2017 TATAUG; 65,000GBP 2019 CHEAPR). O-Armata Stable, B-P O’Connor (IRE), $2,000.
Winning Time: 6:28 1/5 (fm)
MNR, 2ND, ALW, $17,088, 3YO/UP, 1MT, 5-16.
2—REDMARK, g, 6, Our Entourage–Swiss Force, by Lord Carson. O-Alejandro Gomez, B-Don E Cain (KY), T-Alejandro Gomez, J-Luciano Hernandez, $10,324.
5—Mutashabeh, g, 7, Medaglia d’Oro–Emtyazat (GB), by Gone West. ($4,000 2018 KEENOV). O-Burton K Sipp, B-Shadwell Farm, LLC (KY), $3,560.
1—Warrior’s Remark, g, 5, Warrior’s Reward–Proud Mover, by Proud Citizen. ($10,000 ’16 KEENOV). O-Cathie Cluley, B-Deann Baer & Greg Baer DVM (IN), $1,780.
Winning Time: 1:37 2/5 (fm)