June 28, 2022

Spot Plays June 17

BRIS Spot Plays

For Thursday

Arlington Park (1st) W W Candy, 4-1
(2nd) Bel Bimbo, 6-1
Belmont Park (2nd) Equal Measure, 7-2
(5th) Malibu Pro, 3-1
Belterra Park (3rd) Miss Apple Pie, 9-2
(5th) Sacre Bleu, 5-1
Canterbury Park (1st) Fables Love Affair, 7-2
(5th) North of Eden, 6-1
Charles Town (2nd) Jimmysextragirl, 9-2
(5th) River Warrior Rvf, 4-1
Churchill Downs (1st) Why Behave, 7-2
(3rd) Townplace, 5-1
Evangeline Downs (1st) Gimmeasound, 5-1
(2nd) Taken Back, 4-1
Indiana Grand (2nd) Bernadette the Jet, 3-1
(4th) Shush, 4-1
Thistledown (1st) Stalking Moon, 3-1
(2nd) Big On Big, 5-1