December 1, 2023

Spot Plays Aug. 28

BRIS Spot Plays
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For Sunday

Canterbury   (2nd) Stars of Bluegrass, 9-2
    (4th) Master Muldoon, 7-2
Del Mar   (1st) Grazed My Heart, 5-1
    (3rd) Grazen Touch, 7-2
Ellis Park   (3rd) Game Boy Benny, 6-1
    (5th) La Tourista, 7-2
Emerald Downs   (7th) Annette Marie, 7-2
    (8th) Coastal Jazz, 9-2
Golden Gate Fields   (3rd) Ethan’s Animal, 7-2
    (6th) Danny Michael, 8-1
Gulfstream Park   (3rd) Millennium Condo, 9-2
    (8th) War of Ages, 4-1
Monmouth Park   (4th) Duquesne, 3-1
    (5th) No Cents, 7-2
Mountaineer   (1st) Templet, 3-1
    (7th) Turn to Me Sucree, 5-1
Prairie Meadows   (7th) Minnie’s Ready, 3-1
    (9th) Cyclone Mesa, 4-1
Saratoga   (6th) High Class, 4-1
    (7th) Summer At the Spa, 6-1
Woodbine   (4th) Checkerboard Floor, 8-1
    (8th) Society’s Kat, 9-2