October 1, 2022

Spot Plays Aug. 6

BRISnet Spot Plays

For Saturday

Canterbury Park (2nd) Lookin So Lucky, 3-1
(4th) Giant Payday, 4-1
Charles Town (4th) Eye of the Needle, 4-1
(5th) Spunman, 4-1
Del Mar (1st) Still On the Books, 7-2
(2nd) See Through It, 4-1
Delaware Park (3rd) Kashan, 3-1
(5th) Munqad, 3-1
Ellis Park (2nd) Lady Pele, 5-1
(3rd) Jace’s Road, 7-2
Gulfstream Park (1st) Be the One, 3-1
(2nd) Sea Trident, 3-1
Horseshoe Indianapolis (4th) Lacie Be Good, 12-1
(5th) Zing, 3-1
Laurel Park (2nd) The Last Strip, 4-1
(5th) Mine Not Mine, 7-2
Monmouth Park (3rd) Princess Betty, 3-1
(6th) Dazzling Truths, 7-2
Mountaineer (2nd) Price Talk, 4-1
(3rd) Thundering Creed, 4-1
Santa Rosa (3rd) Union Gig, 3-1
(7th) Freedom Flyer, 7-2
Saratoga (2nd) Mostly Harmless, 3-1
(6th) Perform, 7-2
Woodbine (2nd) Souper Sunday, 7-2
(4th) Henry’s Gamble, 4-1