July 16, 2018

Spot Plays August 13

BRISnet Spot Plays

For Sunday

Arlington (3rd) Pinchme I’mdreamin, 10-1
(4th) Latin Wild Cat, 5-1
Belterra Park (4th) Cake Pop, 4-1
(6th) Candy Chant, 5-1
Canterbury (6th) Shoyoya, 4-1
(7th) Diva’s Rule, 7-2
Del Mar (1st) Empire Ruler, 7-2
(9th) Gia Lula, 7-2
Ellis Park (3rd) Bantu, 9-2
(6th) Nickie’s Papa, 8-1
Emerald Downs (1st) Our First Wish, 6-1
(8th) Mach One Rules, 7-2
Gulfstream Park (1st) Gadsby Tavern, 7-2
(10th) Winning for Sarah, 6-1
Hastings (2nd) Texas Gold, 3-1
(3rd) Stormy Teen, 3-1
Laurel (1st) Yeah Rocky, 6-1
(9th) Saida, 6-1
Monmouth Park (4th) Madison Blues, 7-2
(10th) Her Divineness, 7-2
Mountaineer (1st) Way Over the Hill, 6-1
(6th) Midnight Haven, 9-2
Presque Isle Downs (6th) Big Wednesday, 7-2
(8th) Always Satisfied, 4-1
Santa Rosa (4th) My Audubon, 3-1
(10th) Hal’s Buddy, 6-1
Saratoga (1st) Isotope, 8-1
(5th) Devilry, 3-1
Woodbine (1st) Ben Lomond, 4-1
(9th) Uncle B, 4-1

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